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Founded in 2015, LIVEgg LTD. is a dynamic, innovative biotech startup company. The company's main focus is in the field of poultry and hatchery optimization. LIVEgg is developing products via its own P.O.M.PTM (Poultry Optimization through Monitoring and Prediction) technology platform. LIVEgg combines the profound knowledge and experience of its parent company BARAM GROUP with its own hi-scale engineering and biological R&D capabilities in order to develop breakthrough growing solutions for the poultry industry.

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CrystalEgg Powered by POMP Technology Real Time Information of Embryo Well-Being

Current incubators monitoring technologies are only capable providing hatcheries with environmental data, not developmental data. CrystalEgg™ enables Crystal Clear Observation of the embryo, providing real time knowledge regarding the developmental stage and condition of the embryo.

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Located inside the incubator, CrystalEgg™ identifies through non-invasive methods physiological signals of the embryo together with the environmental conditions of the incubator. These signals are transmitted, analyzed and presented to decision makers via the CrystalEgg™ application.


Higher profitability and higher quality for your business

  • Better hatchability
  • Less turning incidents
  • Higher chick quality
  • Online feedback to the breeding farm
  • Better production planning
  • Minimum mortality rate in broilers farms
  • Less temperature accidents
  • Replace early candling

ChickMale Saver Powered by POMP Technology Identification of Gender

According to LIVEgg's strategic map, the ChickMale Saver™ is scheduled for launch during 2020.ChickMale Saver™ is designed to become the world’s only non-invasive gender recognition system of poultry embryos. In addition to its major benefit; animal well-being by the killing of male day old chicks, ChickMale Saver™ will lead to significant cost savings by eliminating the expensive manual sorting procedure.

Big Data Powered by POMP Technology Better Decisions through Global Data

Packed with proprietary algorithms connected to every facet of the poultry industry, LIVEgg™ breakthrough technology will give each and every single user of the system and access to one big-data driven system that enables them to make better decisions through better understanding of trends, and associations, especially relating to the poultry industry.

Our Vision

LIVEgg is here to dramatically change the poultry industry by providing hatcheries, all over the globe, with the most precise production planning and hatching prediction tools.

With our extensive research, we help the hatching world increase its productivity by developing dedicated autonomous data-driven systems to scientifically predict, monitor, and optimize embryo’s life cycle.

LIVEgg is committed to consistently deliver superior service in the most efficient manner, for the shared benefit of its customers, shareholders, and employees.

LIVEgg Team


Alon Blum

CEO Industrial and Management Certified Engineer

Alon brings with him 20 years of experience in management, out of them 8 years in the poultry business. Prior to joining LIVEgg, Alon served as the CEO of a large poultry company in Africa.


Ido Ifat

Chairman of the Board BA in Economics

Ido is the CEO of the Baram Group for over 25 years and brings with him vast experience in the poultry market. Ido also serves as Director in several companies.


Yair Adar

Founder & CTO Biomedical Certified Engineer

Yair is the inventor of LIVEgg’s technology and leads the LIVEgg R&D team. Yair has published several studies and patents in the areas of biomedicine and electro-optics.

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